Welcome to Dr. Woodson’s Primary Care Website

The majority of our primary care patients are adults early in their careers with young families. They are well educated, live in the Brookhaven area and most were already following a healthy lifestyle before becoming our patient. Some need help with common issues affecting normal people like an elevated cholesterol or high blood pressure. Others are struggling with 15 lbs they can’t shake. We specialize in assisting people solve problems just like these using nutrition and exercise coaching. Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough, and when that is the case Dr. Woodson is experienced in using the latest US FDA approved medications designed to curb appetite and speed the metabolism. This results in weight loss that lowers the cholesterol and blood pressure.

Our approach to managing health problems like these is not to move straight to statins for cholesterol or medications for blood pressure. That tends to commit people to chronic therapy when it probably is not necessary. We have found most of the time these problems can be managed by lifestyle enhancements better than drugs. This approach has allowed us to reduce or even get people off their meds in some cases.

Our center is equipped with the most advanced technology to measure our patient’s physical fitness. We offer body composition analysis by DXA that accurately measures their body fat% and lean body mass% in every region of the body. We offer advanced lipid testing, sensitive ultrasound imaging of the carotid arteries that tests for early cholesterol plaque, and the usual laboratory panels for measuring critical vitamins, minerals, and organ function.

Grattan Woodson, M.D., FACP, is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and practices Integral Internal Medicine. He is a native of Atlanta and a graduate of Oglethorpe University and the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Woodson has many professional interests and has had a fabulous career. At his primary care office he is focusing on bringing exceptional preventive services to the residents of Brookhaven. This community is unique in many ways. Dr. Woodson and his staff are grateful to find a community like Brookhaven where the residents are so eager to do whatever they can to maximize their physical fitness. To our delight, we have discovered that most of our patients are already on a healthy path or want to follow one. This has allowed us to do what we do best and find most satisfying; assist people achieve optimal physical health and psychological and spiritual wellness.

This website is dedicated to our patients. Dr. Woodson is an enthusiastic researcher and prolific author who for many years has written pamphlets on common healthcare topics that affected his patients. He has updated many of them, written new ones, and reorganized others for use on this website. The purpose of this website is to serve as a resource for our patients. We will be sending you here often to download specific pamphlets on topics dealing with Therapeutic Diets for gastroenteritis, Moderate Regular Exercise, and how to create an Allergy Free Clean Room in your house. A great search utility has been installed on the site that allows you to find everywhere the topic you are interested in is mention on the site.

There is an introduction to Integral Internal Medicine, which is based the model developed by Ken Wilber, PhD that is used widely in many professions and organizations. On the website I discuss how I have adapted Dr. Wilber’s philosophy to the practice of medicine.